1591 Osgood Street (Rt. 125), North Andover, MA, 01845
(Across the street from Osgood Landing)

The orbitron, also known as a "gyroscope", is based on an anti-gravity device used by NASA to simulate weightlessness for training astronauts. Each rider can go as fast or as slow as desired and it won't turn you upside down if you don't want it to. Interestingly, most people have described it as "relaxing" more than anything else!

Rides last for three minutes (or less if desired). The price is $2.00 per ride.

The orbitron is fun for riders of almost any age!

7/30/11 - Another brave soul!


7/26/11 - Stella rides the orbitron!

7/15/11 - From Texas all the way to our orbitron!

7/8/11 - Two more fearless riders!

7/7/11 - These two kept wanting the orbitron spun faster than I could keep up with!

7/6/11 - Our most fearless rider yet!

6/19/11 - The grandson of the Legendary Coach K!